Cyril Moreau is a Senior Executive skilled at translating vision into strategies that increase revenues and then managing day-to-day operations to drive their execution. His success lies in his strength in cultivating, motivating and equipping a multicultural workforce to achieve ambitious goals.

During his tenure with Strategic Thought, Thomson Reuters Elite or Niku, Cyril improved dramatically revenues, expanded business to new continents and expanded staff. Cyril held full P&L responsibility from $15M to $65M budget.

Cyril now contributes his entrepreneurial experience, work ethic, principled decision-making and people skills to organizations that need help during turnaround, expansion and restructuration. Dedicated to continuous improvement, 

Career Highlights:

Turned losses into profits, repositioning struggling company for explosive growth. Within 18 months, increased sales 350%, reenergized teams, enhanced corporate culture and achieved profitability for the first time in company's history. Boosted global revenue 50% and services utilization 75%.

Transformed underperforming global services division, increasing delivery revenue by 500% and customer satisfaction by 50% in just 4 years. restructured operations for maximum efficiency and cost savings. 

Realized recurrent revenue rate of 40% after introducing 15 new offerings. signed several $2+ million, multi-year projects, Penetrated and dominated new markets in Australia, Singapore, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Brazil, the UK and the USA.

Business Leadership