Cyril is a well seasoned international executive with over 20 years experience with high technology/high-potential (Software & Technology Industry/Sector) companies that required fast organizational and/or financial turnaround. 

Conceiving, developing and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenues, growth, competitive market positioning, profits and shareholder value is what he does best. Throughout his career, in senior executive positions with leaders in diverse industries, he has earned a track-record of success in managing business initiatives, and achieving exceptional rather than expected.

Cyril has the distinction of being an executive who possesses the experience, capabilities and judgment for taking a business to its next level of success or resolving the deficiencies that impede its ability to grow and prosper. He has been characterized as a corporate strategy expert and is credited with personal contributions to the top-line and bottom-line performance successes. He is a “doer” who is highly skilled in visualizing and executing a plan and doing whatever it takes to deliver, he is driven by challenge. He is accustomed to and effective in high-profile executive roles, making high-stakes decisions. 

His management style can be described as “hands on” if necessary and decisive but flexible – he values very highly and rewards creative thinking, teamwork, commitment and performance.

Executive Summary