A native of Paris, France, Cyril has also called London and Washington home for almost 10 years each. He holds a Master in Business, IT and Finance and has worked in the Software industry for over 20 years. 

Cyril uses his multi-disciplinary thinking, strategic leadership and creative services offering skills to help organizations meet their development objectives. Achieving success in reorganizing, directing and internationally expanding profitable technology/software companies worldwide, Cyril is now focused on using his knowledge and experience in helping small and medium companies grow and prosper. 

With Cyril's reputation for a strong work ethic and ability to grow and lead a crack software Global Services and/or Operations teams, Cyril is passionate about helping companies build and grow services and operations revenue that help them achieve their objectives. He has an uncommon focus on the business goals and client relationships.

Recreationally, Cyril has been a soccer player and a skier in Europe and still enjoys watching it during free time. He likes competing and winning by all means. 

Cyril has been successful in the corporate world for start-up, medium and large companies. His employment background provides a diverse range of experience in International Business Development, Sales, Professional Services, and Finance. 
Travel - Some of the places I have traveled to :: Prague :: Kuala Lumpur :: Singapore ::Madrid :: Hong Kong ::Sydney :: Barcelona :: Munich :: Major cities of the United States :: Brussels :: Milan :: Stockholm :: Amsterdam :: Hanover :: Cape Town :: Libreville

Genuine positive attitude about self and others. 

Cyril's Personal Goal: To be the best he can be and learn more.

Cyril lives in Charlotte, NC USA