“Cyril is an incredibly talented and dedicated professional that is 150% focused on stellar performance of himself and his team. He is a strong leader and consummate manager that always achieves whatever goal is set before him. His multi-lingual skills serve international businesses very well and his extensive knowledge of so many different cultures is an extremely valuable attribute in today's ever-increasing global economy.” January 20, 2010
Penny Pompei, President & CEO, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

“Cyril is an energetic and proactive executive; he clearly sets performance expectations for the team, provides management support whenever needed, and then “gets out of the way” to allow the team to do what it does best. Under Cyril’s leadership the US team has coalesced and progressed from the “storming” to the “performing” stage, bringing all functions (Sales, Presales, Professional Services and Support) together to create one seamless delivery experience for customers. As an individual member of the team, I appreciate his professionalism and “savoir faire”.” November 2, 2009
Jaime Galiano, Principal Consultant, Strategic Thought

“I first met Cyril as a candidate for a Senior Level Management role. His attitude and openness came through as a breath of fresh air. When discussing the role, he was very open in how things were progressing and how he felt the role was suited to his skillset. His professionalism and suitability came across to the client and I. Needless to say he was offered and accepted the role! In the role, Cyril turned from candidate to client. He is very easy to work with, as he knows what he wants from the people he looks to employ. Giving precise, thorough and speedy feedback for individual candidates, which makes recruiting easier. Due to his work ethic, it is possible to speak to Cyril at any time...even in another time zone! Cyril is a determined, hard working, open and professional individual, who has,since I have known him ,proven to be a success in all aspects, , which doesn’t surprise me.” August 18, 2009
Jon Townley FIRP DipRP, Managing Consultant, Pivot Resourcing
Cyril is a creative thinker. Faced with obstacles he identifies unique methods to accomplish goals

Anne Becknell SVP Client Services
Thomson Reuters Elite (10/27/09)