“I first met Cyril in 2007 while working on a challenging assignment to revamp risk management for a multi-billion program. I quickly found out that Cyril goes to the extra mile to make sure his clients are we'll taken care of. he tirelessly provided me with expertise and always took time to answers my questions. His knowledge, expertise and resources were instrumental in my ability to execute the solutions we needed at the time. Hard working, diligent, ethical and knowledgeable are but a few works that describe Cyril.” Client USA

"Cyril is a driven individual who brought much needed challenge and direction to our team. Cyril  set aggressive targets but supported the team in its achievement of them. Cyril was well respected by customers for his transparency and customer focus. I hope to work with Cyril again in the future." Team Member UK/Australia

"Cyril is an incredibly talented and dedicated professional that is 50% focused on stellar performance of himself and his team. He is a strong leader that always achieve whatever goal is set before him. His multi-lingual skills serve international businesses very well and his extensive knowledge of so many different cultures is an extremely valuable attribute in today's ever-increasing global economy." President Chamber of Commerce USA

"Cyril was responsible for providing software and services which demonstrated value, ROI and commercially benefited both parties. He provides excellent support and works hard to ensure our business needs are met. From a personal perspective, Cyril works with integrity, honesty and inspires confidence qualities which are often difficult to find in that industry. He is always willing to put in the extra effort to ensure problems were solved." Client Australia

"Cyril is a dedicated, hard-working and smart executive. He likes to win and it is reassuring to have him in our team as he will always give 100%. His energy is without limits and it is motivating to work with him." Executive UK Public Company

"During a time when we were struggling to absorb several major acquisitions. The acquisitions were challenging to manage from a professional services standpoint - different customer needs, different legacy solutions and different cultures. Cyril was able to navigate those issues brilliantly and was able to integrate the different businesses in the place were it counted - Thanks Cyril" Founder US Public Company

"Cyril understands the key drivers around delivering profitable client services ad world class client satisfaction and is excellent at following through and driving the execution. Glad to have him in my team." Executive US Public Company

"Cyril is a creative thinker. Faced with obstacles he identifies unique methods to accomplish goals." Executive US Public Company